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About me

Thanks a lot for checking The Graille, I hope you will get inspired somehow...
I'm a 35 years old French guy from a city called Reims located in the region of Champagne (between Paris and the Belgian boarder).
I'm living in Finland with my wife who is Finnish and our daughter where we spend a lot of our free time cooking and eating. You will find out pretty soon that English is not my mother tongue, apologies in advance for the typos and syntax errors.
I have been interested about food and cooking since my youngest age; My grand mothers and mother are great cooks and I spent most of my time with these wonderful women, not to mention my grand father, father and friend of 30 years Simon who taught me how to enjoy time at the table.
In French, "graille" is slang for "meal", it's not particularly an elegant word but something that my friends and I use a lot back home.
Why this website?
  • To share good food recipes with my friends and family who like to cook at home
  • To finally have a written copy of all the better dishes I have been cooking over the years
What will you see on The Graille?
  • Dishes that I was able to cook easily from my home in Finland with basic ingredients
  • Affordable, generous, "Sunday lunch" kind of food
  • Quick fix for people in a hurry
  • I will cover snacks, starters, main courses, salads, desserts...
  • This is not only about French cooking, I may post recipes from other countries
And maybe some day I will also share with you some tips about what to bring home when travelling to France, which restaurants to visit, plating tips...
I hope you will enjoy the recipes and try them at home and more importantly share this food with friends and family and have a great time together.
To get in touch with me or give me some feedback, drop me an email at thegraille[a] or fill in the contact form below!
Enjoy, Bon appétit!

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